6 things I bring every road trip with kids

6 things I bring every road trip with kids

Road trips with kids are always an adventure right? We've done many long road trips with our 4 little kids and have seen our fair share of "are we there yet?", emergency potty breaks, car messes, so many road trip snacks, travel toys, and more. 

We recently did 2 road trips in 2 weeks. One was 11 hours both ways and the next week was a 7 hr both way trip. Was it slightly insane? Yeah probably. But it also went SO much smoother because of a few things we brought. 

These are things we bring every road trip and will help make any length of a drive easier with kids:

1. Magnesium roll-on: Magnesium is associated with better sleep, longer sleep times, and less tiredness during the day. This roll-on is easy to apply, mess free, and is a really great, all-natural way to help kids feel more calm and fall asleep.

2. Baby spaceship fidget toy: ON SALE TODAY ONLY. This is the ultimate fidget toy for babies. Each pull string has texture to feel, and there's buttons to pop and slide.

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3. Travel snack tray: This is the only crash-tested and certified safe snack tray for kids. This will save you from having to turn around and help with snacks every 10 minutes.

4. Toddler stacking cup trio: Toddlers love figuring out how to twist, flip, and pull the different lids. These are the best for putting tiny toys or snacks in to make them last longer. Or use them as bath toys (there's holes in the bottom for water!). There's so many uses for them.

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5. Travel high chair: This is the perfect high chair to bring on the go. Use it for pit stops or any outing during lunch time. It folds up nice and small.

6. Travel Tray: We've tried lots of travel trays and have been loving this one lately. It has a lid to close and store toys in, and the legs fold out to add more stability without being bulky.

7. Color changing markers: ON SALE TODAY ONLY. How fun are these!? They're two markers in one- color with one side, then flip it over and color with the white tipped side and it magically changes the color. These are SO popular.

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8. Travel Kits: ON SALE TODAY ONLY. If you want a major discount on lots of travel toys, these Kits are the best bet. Customize the kit with 10 different toys and it's packed up and sent to you so it's ready any time you're on the go. Available for age 6 months - 10 years.

9. Caffeinated Better Greens: These green drinks are my absolute favorite (they don't taste like grass! That's a major win). I don't go a day without them. I use the non-caffeinated one on a regular basis, but for long road trips when you need to stay awake, the caffeinated one is the best. Use code MINIVOAYGER for 10% off.

10. Sherpa lined travel blanket: I love this blanket. It compresses nice and small, and is waterproof on one side, so it's easy to wipe off and keep clean.

11. KidsPod podcasts: Want a totally kid-friendly podcast that's enjoyable for the whole family to listen to? KidsPod has compiled a massive amount of kids podcasts in their app, and they tell you exactly what each show is about, so you can decide if it's a good fit for your child's age and interests. No more searching through other apps for hours. Our current favorite is Fairies, Dragons, Ponies, and Knights.

App Store download (get one month free)

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12. Travel potty: If you're at this stage of toddler life, you'll be glad to have this for road trip emergencies. It folds up nice and thin and is easy to use.

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