Frequently Asked Questions

How do the travel kits work?

We have pre-build Travel Kits with some of our most popular items. Or we give you the option to build your own.

The "Build Your Own" Travel Kits have different “tiers” of products. You select different items from each tier to customize your kit. There’s also a grouping of items of some of our absolute favorites that are automatically included in the kit. There’s also different items available to add-on to each kit, such as sticker books, iSpy type books, and more.

What if I already have a toy that’s offered in the kit?

No problem! That’s why we give you different options to choose from in each tier, so there’s something new for everyone.

What are the kits good for?

Trips, airplanes, road trips, hotel or airbnb activity bags, activity bags for quiet time or a fun gift for a change of routine, many of the toys can be used in learning as well, activity bags for younger kids while older kids do school or while you work.

They’re also great for gifts! These kits are such a fun gift because they are full of multiple toys that kids will love. We’ve had a lot of parents and grandparents reach out to us saying how excited they are to gift them because it’s a bag full of activities that are all planned out for age-specific children.

What ages are the travel kits for?

We have the kits organized into different age groupings ranging from 6 months - 10 years. What we love about the kits is because they are customizable, there’s something age appropriate for everyone.

Can my kids be independent with the kits?

Yes (for the most part). We know there’s a big need for independent play. Most of the items in the kit are things that each age group is able to do independently. There’s some items that may require assistance (like reading instructions in a book, or opening a can of play doh, or helping the littlest ones with their activities), but for the most part, kids can use these bags fairly independently, which gives parents some relief whether they’re at home or on the go.

What sizes do they come in?

We have 2 sizes- the Weekender (great for quick trips or everyday activity bags) and the Jetsetter™ (our Premium travel kit with enough activities and items for any length of trip or endless creative play at home)

Is the travel kit a one-time use or stuff I want to throw away after?

No! The travel kits are full of toys that you will use over and over again, and that’s why we created these! We were tired of re-buying junk before every trip, to just end up tossing it after or seeing our kids get tired of it after 30 minutes. It was such a waste. Every item in here was thoughtfully chosen for its quality and it’s return-on-investment in playtime and entertainment.

Is the stuff in the kits similar to stuff I would buy from the dollar bin or 99 cent store?

Nope. The kits are designed to be things that are more thought out than that last-minute trip to the dollar section. Those items are great (and we find gems there too!), but often don’t have longevity in playtime.

What’s the benefit of these travel kits over just buying some new toys at the store?

Longevity: The kits are designed to be engaging for your kids. They’re not just new toys, but activities that spark creativity and hold their interest independently. We’ve based our kits on lots of experience (from us and input from many other parents) with on-the-go toys and entertainment for kids – all in one amazing kit!

Time saver: Instead of planning out lots of new activities for your kids at home, let us do it for you with things we know they’ll love and will give you a break! And if you’re traveling, save yourself a last-minute trip (or two or three) to the store and get higher-quality stuff delivered and packed up ready to travel.

Can you buy items individually?

Yes, you can purchase items individually! However, you get the most savings when they are bundled in a kit (and all cheaper than what you would find online). If there are other items you want to add or refill a kit with they can easily be purchased individually. Add-on items such as cameras, extra activity books, sticker books, and more can be found on our site under the other shop pages.