Hi! I'm Bri, the creator and face behind Mini Voyager.

I started Mini Voyager because of one massively overfilled carry-on suitcase full of toys that weighed more than the 8 month old they were for, on a cross country flight from New York City to San Diego.

Long story short, I was SO stressed about flying by myself with my baby on that 6 hr flight that I totally overprepared with tons of research and every toy I could think of to keep her entertained. I used to feel sick before flights with a huge pit of nerves in my stomach because I knew it was going to be all on me to keep her entertained for that long.

I don't want any other parent to feel like that!

After many years of research and testing out toys, we have narrowed it down to the absolute best travel toys to keep kids entertained for longer. And now, we bundle them at a discount in our Travel Kits for you, so you can feel more confident going into any outing with kids.

I love that the Travel Kits making it easier to be on the go with kids have opened up this world of travel for so many families as well.

Our family has grown a lot since that first little baby and cross-country flight. We now have 4 kids (all about 2 years apart, and all still little!) who we love to take around the world. I want to show you how it is possible to still travel and explore with your kids, as well as share all the real-life moments that traveling with kids will no-doubt bring at some point along the way. We share the good, bad, hard, and rewarding moments! But overall, traveling with kids can be so rewarding and we want to share all our tips.

After over 100 flights with our 4 little kids in the USA as well as internationally, we have lots of ideas of places to go, itineraries that are catered to traveling with kids (but that the whole family will still enjoy!), and so much more.