Our favorite places in New York City to visit with kids

Our favorite places in New York City to visit with kids

There’s so many fun things to do in New York City, it can be hard to decide what to do, where to eat, and balance all of the must-see or must-eat places with traveling with kids and their limitations on long days.

We used to live on the East Coast and would travel by train into the city often. This itinerary is a good mix of visiting some of our absolute favorite places we used to frequent all the time, combined with some iconic things to do and see while in New York City.

On this list you’ll find links to anything we booked tickets through, a description of the day, things to bring for each day, and my thoughts about how do-able it was with 4 kids under 8 / what their interest level would be for each day. Basically, you’re getting my entire packing list and all the notes in my head after each day of the trip and what I’d do differently if anything.


The guide has 5 loose itineraries as well as a list of other places that I would totally recommend looking into or booking tickets for. Everything is linked to make it easy.

I also included a map with over 100 loactions for hotels, restaurants, and activities marked. This makes it easy to see any noteworthy places you’re near when you’re out in the city.

This guide is a lot of info all in one place! It’s perfect for those who don’t want to spend time researching a ton, and who want another parent’s perspective who traveled there with 4 kids.

I tried to include my thoughts, all the options you have at places, and little things to help you prepare for each of the destinations. 

I also include my honest opinion of how do-able each place is with little kids.

Keep in mind, this is just a TINY scratch on the surface of what there is to do here. And there’s lots of blogs and recommendations out there. But hopefully this gives you a good idea of some of our favorites as well as what was realistic to do with 4 kids under 8 getting around the city every day.



  • a 5-day itinerary going all over New York City
  • Things we learned along the way that I would do differently each day
  • A list of things I’d recommend bringing for each day
  • Links to the tickets we bought, hotel recs, activities and shows.
  • Tons of recommendations for food, tours, places to visit, and more
  • A google map with all the places linked out for you (makes it easy to see what fun stuff you’re near when you’re in the city!)


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