Racing luge tracks as a family in New Zealand

Racing luge tracks as a family in New Zealand

Have you ever heard of luge racing? If not, get ready to add it to your travel itinerary, because it's perfect for the whole family. 

Skyline Rotorua is the ultimate place for family-friendly activities to get your adrenaline fix. The most unique thing about their luge track is that the whole family can ride on it (there's a small height requirement, but our 2 yr old did it, so most little ones will clear it). The luge sleds fit one or two people to ride tandem, so younger kids can ride with adults.


*Note: We were hosted by Skyline Rotorua for this experience but my thoughts on the experience are my own.

The luge track is full of twists, turns, and hills. It's like a rollercoaster ride, but you're in control of the speed and direction! Riders control their speed using handlebars and brakes, so you can customize how fast you want to go. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned luge racer, Skyline Rotorua luge racing is fun for everyone. Our 6 yr old and our 8 yr old had no problem steering the sled on their own, and our 2 yr old and 4 yr old rode tandem with an adult.

After a scenic gondola ride to the top of the track, you can choose from multiple track options – scenic, intermediate, or advanced – based on your skill level and comfort. The luge track in Rotorua had so many breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and forests, making it a gorgeous ride no matter what track you choose. The kids had so much fun choosing a new track every time. They felt so grown up and in charge, and it was fun to step back and let them take the lead on the fun.

Once you're at the bottom of the track, you hop onto a chairlift and it brings you and the sled back to the top, ready to ride again. One of my favorite moments of the whole experience was seeing my two oldest kids hanging out on the chairlift talking about their plans for the next track and just having such great bonding time together. It's the little moments like this in activities we do that are so special.

Want to see what luge racing looks like with 4 little kids? Check it out here:

The only problem with doing this activity with our kids was that they loved it so much, three races wasn't enough! Actually, we all loved it so much we went back the next day to do 4 more races. It really was a highlight for everyone. Just be prepared at the end of your races to head over to the ticket office to buy more. It's so much fun!

Luge racing at Skyline Rotorua is an unforgettable experience that the whole family can enjoy. Whether you're a family full of thrill-seekers or just looking for a fun activity for everyone, Skyline Rotorua is sure to leave you with lasting memories. My kids are still talking about this and when you ask them about their favorite moments of their trip to New Zealand, luge racing is always one of the top three.

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