The best travel gear deals for Black Friday

The best travel gear deals for Black Friday

Anyone else overwhelmed with all of the sales going on? I’ve organized it all into one place so you can see the deals of the travel brands we love, as well as what toys we would pack in a suitcase that are easy to travel with! I’ve organized the toys into age groups below, just like how we organize our Travel Kits. I also have a section for travel gear and brands along with any extra codes that stack for discounts. Travel gear can get expensive, but with all the sales that are happening, it’s a great time to stock up on items at a great price. I hope this helps and you find some things to make your travel easier. 

Travel Gear we love

1. Maxi Cosi 3-in-1 convertible car seat  |  $219 (26% off)
This is the most comfy car seat for kids! 2/4 babies have used it in our family and they’re always so cozy on road trips.

2. City Mini GT2 Double Stroller  |  $489 (30% off)
This is the easiest double stroller to travel with! Quick fold with the pull of a strap, good basket storage, and reclining seats. LOVE this.

3. City Tour 2 Stroller  |  $175 (30% off)
An ultra-compact stroller that doesn’t skimp on features is ideal for traveling or storing when space is tight. Only weighs 14lbs and is easy to fold.

4. Diono Fold up Portable Expandable Booster Seat  |  $179 (33% off)
I am SO excited to see this on sale. Having a full-back booster seat that exapnds and folds up is fantastic to have for travel! And this type of seat makes it so easy to carry multiple kids car seats at once. RUN and grab this deal.

5. Maxi Cosi 3-in-1 ultra light playyard  |  $219 (20% off)
At only 18 lbs., this super-light playard also has a lightning-fast fold, making it perfect for travel.

6. Baby Jogger rotating car seat  |  $384 (30% off)
This seat is SO comfy and makes it extra easy to put kids in their car seats- simply rotate the car seat and you’re good to go.

7. gbPockit+ All Terrain Stroller  |  $263 (20% off)
This lightweight all-terrain stroller folds into a compact size and only weighs 12 lbs, making it a great choice for on-the-go families and those with limited storage space at home.

8. Portable feeding set  |  $36 (20% off)
An ultra-compact stroller that doesn’t skimp on features is ideal for traveling or storing when space is tight. Only weighs 14lbs and is easy to fold.

9. Thule Sapling Child Carrier  |  $342 (20% off)
Our favorite carrier for long hikes! A child carrier backpack with a machine-washable seat provides under leg support to maximize comfort on any adventure.

10. Slumberpod Blackout Tent  | BFCMMINIVOYAGER_ for $35 off! (don’t forget the underscore at the end of the code)
Using this discount code will get you an even deeper discount than what they’re offering on their site. Using a slumberpod to create a blacked out area for baby to sleep is amazing! We can be in the same room with all the lights on and baby is in their tent sleeping soundly. Can’t recommend this enough!

11. Sleepout Portable Blackout Shade  | code MINIVOYAGER10 for extra 10% off
If you have kids who need a dark room to sleep in, this portable blackout shade is so tiny, weighs almost nothing, and easily fits in a suitcase. It adjusts to any window size and easily attaches with suction cups. 

12. Tubby Todd Travel Set  | Use link for an extra 10% off
This travel shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and ointmet set is a must-have for us when we travel with kids. I even use it when we travel! It comes in a travel bag and is the perfect size.

13. Ceres Chill Breastmilk Chiller  | Use code MINIVOYAGER15
This breastmilk chiller is amazing! You can safely store breastmilk for up to 20 hours. It’s so compact and easy to carry anywhere.

14. Keep Going First Aid Kit  | 20% off sitewide
This little first aid kit has everything you need for any sort of scrape, injury, or minor sickness. It’s so compact and easy to throw in a diaper bag.

15. Solly Baby wrap  | multiple sales sitewide
This wrap is the only thing I used when I traveled with my babies. It’s so lightweight and breathable, and easy to store. I love that it keeps little babies cuddly and close to you, and keeps your hands free.

16. Portable sound machine  | $20 (20% off)
Having a portable sound machine is a must when traveling with kids.

17. Non-wifi baby monitor  | $62 (40% off)
Using a non-wifi baby monitor makes it easy to connect anywhere you need it. The sound and picture quality on this is fantastic as well.

18. Ergobaby 360 all position carrier  |  $130 (22% off)
I’ve used this carrier with all of my babies and it’s the best for hiking when they’re still little but have outgrown the Solly wrap or they need more support. It’s also so easy to get on and off.

19. Portable charger with built-in cables
This is so nice to bring on trips, and having the cables for different types of ports built in is a major bonus.

20. Inflatible todler bed  |  $63 (20% off)
We absolutely love this thing and it is the easiest to travel with. It has a lifetime guarantee, has bumpers on the side, and isn’t loud or squeaky at night.

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