The Travel Crib We Use and Love

The Travel Crib We Use and Love

Since we travel with 4 little kids, anything we bring for gear needs to really earn its keep. Over the years of traveling with 4 babies,  I have a pretty specific checklist of what a baby product needs to pass our travel test. The Newton Travel Crib majorly impressed me when we tried it out for the first time, and it’s become my new favorite go-to travel crib.

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Here’s a few things I look for when choosing a travel crib and why we ended up choosing the Newton Travel Crib over anything else:

1. It has to be easy to set up. When you get somewhere late at night, there’s nothing better than being able to set up baby’s sleeping place quickly.

2. It needs to be comfortable. If you travel with a baby, choosinng a comfortable, breathable travel crib can lead to better sleep and a happier baby (and parents) during the trip. The Newton travel crib is the only one that is 100% breathable.

3. It has to last a long time. When you spend money on baby gear, you want it to give you your money’s worth. The Newton Travel Crib has an optional bassinet insert, so you can use it from infancy on. It also has a side zipper which in nice to put baby in if you’re down on the ground with them.

4. It needs to be big enough. The Newton Travel Crib also has the largest surface area available (2x larger than the competition!) for an extended lifetime of use and tons of room for better sleep and play. My 4 yr old even fits in this. Its incredibly roomy and will last quite a while even for tall babies.

5. It has to be compact when folded.

6. Bonus: it has multiple uses. Since this crib can also be used as a play yard, babies have a clean place to play when you’re in a hotel. It’s roomy enough for them to have a good amount of space to play.

I’ve tried a lot of travel cribs and the Newton Travel Crib is the one I keep coming back to again and again. It’s such a great choice for traveling with your baby.


Hear my thoughts on the crib and see our set up with it here:


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