Baby Gift Guide 2023

Baby Gift Guide 2023

When you need to think of gift ideas in the moment, it’s always tough! I’ve compiled a list of all my favorite baby gift ideas from 6 months to 18 months (and a little beyond) to make it easy to shop. And as always, just reach out on Instagram if you have more questions about any of the items!

*I make a really tiny comission off these links (like, pennies, but it still makes a difference!). I’m always so grateful when you shop and purchase through my links and support Mini Voyager and my time making these guides.*

Baby Gift Ideas

1. Dishwashing set
The water recirculates through the faucet so it always runs, letting babies play and splash all the time.

2. Mickey Mouse Snack Cart
This wiiden snack cart is full of all the classic Disney snacks.

3. Min Voyager Travel Kits
These are the best value for your buck. Make any outing with kids easier with high-quality, reusable entertainment.

4. Baby Flashcards
These hand-designed flash cards are perfect for babies first starting to talk and add to their vocabulary.

5. Baby tissue box toy
Babies love pulling things out of boxes. This is one they will love.

6. Ball Drop Toy
Babies are learning about object permanence, and this is a fantastic montessori toy to keep them entertained.

7. Rainbow block set from Lovevery
This is a beautiful heirloom block set.

8. Baby brain puzzles
This nesting ball and shape cube and amazing because all the pieces are attached.

9. Penguin bobber bath toys
These penguins stack and float. Babies love dropping them down the slide into the water.

10. Very First Things To Spot book
This is a great iSpy book for babies. It also teaches them vocabulary, colors, shapes, and more.

11. Musical spinning bells
Babies love hitting the bells as they spin around. This one is well loved in my house.

12. Baby latch board
While babies are working on desterity and fine motor skills, this latch board challenges them in so many ways.

13. Space Spinners
These fun spinners stick to any smooth surface and are so entertaining for babies to spin.

14. Turtle Slider
This is the ultimate, lightweight baby puzzle. They pop and slide the colored buttons around the shell.

15. Rolling Car Tower
Babies will be mesmerized by the cars dropping on this tower, then they can drop them in there again and again.

16. Skwishy Rattle
Squish the rattle and spin the beads- there’s so many things for babies to be occupied with.

17. Hear Bear Roar Book
For babies just learning animal sounds, this is such a fun book packed with sounds and buttons to push.

18. Baby walker
As babies learn to get around on their own, this walker is a beautiful toy to have around your house.

19. Tot Tube
This looks like such a simple toy, but babies love dropping cars, balls, and anything that fits down the tube and watching it shoot out the other side.

20. Boi Bath Wobbler
This is a fun, simple toy for the bath.

21. Climbing tower
For babies starting to be independent and busy, I love having a climbing tower.

22. Construction Utensil Set
What a fun way to get littles to eat. Their whole plate turns into a construction site.

23. Mini Spring
This is the best toy to bring on the go. Babies love spinning the beads through the maze.

24. Pretend cleaning set
Around 18 months, babies love to start copying things they see. This is a fun set to let them “help” around the house.

25. Water rolling activity center
I love this play table- use it with water in the summer and by iteself in the winter.

26. Ocean activity tower
This is a beautiful tower filled with so many monipulatives and activities for babies and all their developing skills.

27. Fruit abacus
Babies love sliding the fruit piecs back and forth and watching them spin. This is such a fun. beautiful toy.

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