Black Friday gift guide for 12m-2y

Black Friday gift guide for 12m-2y

Anyone else overwhelmed with all of the sales going on? I’ve organized it all into one place so you can see the deals on my favorite gifts to give, as well as toys that would pack in a suitcase well to travel with! And as always, I’m happy to help answer any questions or if you need help deciding between different strollers for your needs, gear, etc. Just reach out on Instagram 🙂

12m-2y toys we love

1. Indestructibles Books
These books are chew proof, rip proof, waterproof, and more. They’re amazing for little babies and are on Georgie’s Christmas list this year.

2. Mini Voyager Travel Kit
Of course I’m including our travel kits on our gift list! It’s the best thing to gift because it makes parents’ trips so much easier, and it’s like 10 different toys rolled into one bag for the kids. Keep them entertained on the trip and then use it after as an on the go bag too!

3. Poke-a-dot Book
This book has the cutest popping bubbles in it that make a fun noise. Babies love this!

4. Rosie the Radish Teething Toy
This teething toy is so darling. It has held up through multiple babies, and is one that they always reach for first.

5. Cupcake shape sorter
This cupcake set has shapes on the bottom so littles can mix and match and then find the right shape in the tin for the cupcake to fit. 

6. Bunny Jack-in-the-box
This has been one of my baby’s favorite toys ever since he turned one. Such a cute, classic gift.

7. Baby puzzle ball and cube set
This set of nesting balls and puzzle shape cube is so smartly designed! The pieces are connected so baby can still explore all the pieces without you worrying about picking anything up.

8. Boon jellies bath suction cups
These jellies are great because they won’t mold and are fun for littles to stack and stick together. I bring these to use when we travel somewhere with a time zone change and I need something to keep baby quietly occupied in the morning while everyone else sleeps.

9. Latch board
This is a great montessori activity for older babies. They love switching the buttons back and forth.

10. Pop up tunnel
This is a great one to travel with! It stores nice and flat but gives babies something fun to play to get all that tiny energy out.

11. Counting Piggy bank
My babies all loved this toy- it counts when they drop the coin in the slot. So simple but so entertaining for them.

12. Bubble machine
One of the simplest forms of entertainment for babies, and it’s always a winner.

13. Musical Lili Llama
By far my baby’s favorite toy last year. There’s so many fun sounds for them to make on it.

14. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
This is such a cute set. My littles always love playing pretend with it.

15. Jumbo Slinky
This is always such a blast for little kids. Guaranteed to be a hit with whoever you give it to.

16. Ride-on bee
We have multiple versions of this at home and the kids love it from ages 1.5 and up!

17. Whale musical ball popper
This looks so cute to get babies learning about the cause and effect of objects, and getting them moving to start grabbing the balls to drop in the whale.

18. Floating Lego duplo set
This lego duplo set has pieces that float, making it a fun bathtime activity.

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