Black Friday gift guide for 2y-4y

Black Friday gift guide for 2y-4y

Anyone else overwhelmed with all of the sales going on? I’ve organized it all into one place so you can see the deals on my favorite gifts to give, as well as toys that would pack in a suitcase well to travel with! And as always, I’m happy to help answer any questions or if you need help deciding between different strollers for your needs, gear, etc. Just reach out on Instagram 🙂

2y-4y Toys we love

1. Larktale Scoobi 5-in-1 convertible trike
This trike would be so fun! It folds up small, and starts off with a seat, then transitions to a trike, and eventually a scooter. You’ll get so much use out of this!

2. Construction eating utensils
Such a fun gift that will get tons of use and is easy to pack for travel for picky eaters.

3. Felt pizza playset
This felt pizza playset is a favorite in our household. It gets played with constantly, and is easy to bring on the go- throw the pieces ina bag and it’ll provide lots of entertainment wherever you go.

4. Goojitsu heroes stretchy figures
These are small but so entertaining! They stretch, twist, squish, and more. It’s a great sensory toy.

5. DRIVEN Collapsible cars playset
If you’re going to get one thing from this list for your toddler, let it be this! This is a major favorite in our household, and is easy to bring on the go since it collapses down.

6. Disney Princess Cupcake Game
I can’t emphasize enough how much of a favorite this has been in our house. I brought it on our trip and my kids all played it quietly for a good 45 min in the morning. You get to mix and match different cupcakes and it’s just such a darling game.

7. Mini Voyager Travel Kit
Of course I’m including our travel kits on our gift list! It’s the best thing to gift because it makes parents’ trips so much easier. 

8. Yoto Player Story Set
There is a lot of debate over which type of auido story player to get – this or the Tonie Box. I prefer this one because it’s less bulky (thin story cards vs bigger characters) and has a bit more variety to grow with your child.

9. Electric strider bike
Henry is getting this for Christmas and it’s on sale right now! This will be so fun to help him go a little faster but still have control to put his feet down like on a regular strider bike.

10. Crayola scribble scrubbies
These cute little pets are a great activity for kids. You can color them, and then give them a bath and color them again.

11. Playtown Lift the Flap Book
This book is fantastic to bring on a trip- it has over 100 flaps for kids to lift and discover what’s underneath. This book is a favorite in our household.

12. Glo Pals light up water cubes
These are activated by water and light up- such a fun bath time toy! And they pack easily for travel.

13. Spike the Hedgehog
Babies love putting the spikes in the hedgehog and then pulling them out again. All of the spikes store inside the hedgehog so it makes it easy to keep track of the pieces.

14. Warmies pets
The softest, snuggly pets that you heat up in the microwave for kids to cuddle with at night.

15. Take apart plane
This plane is so fun for kids to take apart, and then screw back together with the little mini screwdriver.

16. Hatchimals
These are a great toy to bring when you need something small to fit in a suitcase. They’re so fun for kids to open- it’s like a surprise in every egg.

17. Fisher Price Campfire set
This playset is one of the most played with sets in my home. All of the kids love it and love playing together.

18. Pebble stepping stones
Another ultra-used item in my house. The kids make up games with them, play “the floor is lava,” and more.

19. Hot Wheels monster trucks
These monster trucks are a geat size for little hands and are durable for all types of play. My 3 yr old loves these!

20. Bluetooth microphone
Easily every toddler’s favorite gift for the holidays. They love putting on shows with it.

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