Black Friday gift guide for 4y-6y

Black Friday gift guide for 4y-6y

Anyone else overwhelmed with all of the sales going on? I’ve organized it all into one place so you can see the deals on my favorite gifts to give, as well as toys that would pack in a suitcase well to travel with! And as always, I’m happy to help answer any questions or if you need help deciding between different strollers for your needs, gear, etc. Just reach out on Instagram 🙂

4y-6y toys we love

1. Hot wheels color reveal
Such a great, small toy but it packs big fun. These monster trucks change color in water. They’re a favorite in our household and are fun to bring on beach vacations, poolside, etc.

2. DRIVEN Airport set
I have been so impressed with this airport set. It comes with so many details and is a great catalyst for lots of pretend play. The pieces in it are adorable!

3. Mini Voyager Travel Kit
Of course I’m including our travel kits on our gift list! It’s the best thing to gift because it makes parents’ trips so much easier. You get 10 different toys rolled into one bag for the kids.

4. Amphibious Waterproof RC car
My 5yr old loves this! It drives so well and is fun to control in the water or on land.

5. Lego Travel Case set
This is a fantastic set of Legos to bring on the go. There’s lots of variety in the set and a fun book teaching kids how to make things like flamingos, race cars, etc.

6. Hey Clay set- app with tutorials and air dry clay
My big kids love this and always choose it during quiet time. It comes with access to an app with step-by-step videos of how to make cute little creatures, monsters, animals, and more.

7. Remote control Tesla Hot Wheels car
This is such a fun, zippy little car and is easy to bring on the go. Works on Hot Wheels tracks or on the ground. James got this last Christmas and still plays with it all the time.

8. VTech Kids digital camera
This camera takes photos and video, and the quality is great for a kids camera. This is such a cute gift for give to kids before a trip.

9. Yoto Player Story Set
There is a lot of debate over which type of auido story player to get – this or the Tonie Box. I prefer this one because it’s less bulky (thin story cards vs bigger characters) and has a bit more variety to grow with your child.

10. Polly Pocket on the go purse
These miniature Polly Pocket sets are great for kids to bring on the go- when they’re done playing, all the pieces fold up into a little purse.

11. Screw building set
We have this set and it’s fantastic for open-ended building play.

12. Race car stomp rockets
These are so fun! They come in a 2-pack so kids can race each other.

13. Magformers
These are like magnatiles, but even better! They make different sets and shapes like cars, buildings, and come with accessories like doors, cranes, ladders, etc.

14. Disney Pixar cars launcher
This toy is constantly one of the favorites when friends come over to play. Load up your cars and push the button to launch and race them.

15. Hot wheels cyclone track
This track shoots the cars up into the track and they spin down and crash into the other ones shooting up. Totally mesmerizing for kids to watch.

16. Kinetic sand slice and see set
This set looks so fun. Load the kinetic sand into the tube and then slice it to see the design you made.

17. Charades for kids
We just played this with all the kids over Thanksgiving and the kids absolutely loved it. It has pictures so the kids don’t need to read since the cards have pictures for the words.

18. Surfer dude toy
Give this to all your little beach loving kids before a vacation. It always stays upright- throw it on the waves and it’ll surf back to you.

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