Kids Easter Gift Guide

Kids Easter Gift Guide

With Easter coming up quick, these guides are some fun ideas of our favorite small items to add to kid’s baskets.

Kids Gifts we love

1. World’s Smallest Hungry Hippos
We have tons of miniature versions of classic games on our website. They’re so much fun!

2. Bounce back ball
This ball is attached to your wrist so you can throw it and it comes right back.

3. Bunny Play Set
A perfect bunny play set for Easter!

4. World’s Smallest Monster Truck
These miniature monster trucks are a perfect, small gift for baskets. They fit in a pocket and can be brought everywhere (and they will! These are one of my kids’ favorites).

5. Breba Daisy Beads
Make springtime daisy chains with these adorable beads imported from Germany.

6. Gummy Bear Stackable Crayon
We have the cutest crayons on our website. A perfect little gift.

7. Stampables Scented Double Ended Markers
What kid wouldn’t love this fresh new marker set? They’re scented, stamps, and markers all in one!

8. Fortune Tellers to Fold
I remember making these as a kid, and they’re still a favorite for my kids!

A fun, squishy toy for kids to play with. A perfect car toy too!

10. Raymond Geddes Balloon Eraser Animals
These will be so fun to stuff in an easter egg or put in baskets. We got some of these for the kids.

11. Modeling Clay Kit
Air dry clay is a great thing to give kids to make little creations that they can keep! My big kids (age 5 & 7) absolutely love this stuff.

12. Halmolife 5D Diamond Painting Kits
This is a great art activity that keeps big kids busy for a while.

13. Speedo Kids’ Glide Print Swim Goggles
A fantastic option for easter baskets. You’re gonna be buying these anyways this summer, so get them now.

14. Polly Pocket Backyard Butterfly Compact
Polly pocket purses are a big favorite around here.

15. Bicycle Spoke Beads
A fun way to get kids favorite toys ready for summer.

16. Hot Wheels
My boys love putting these in a “car wash” to see what car they get.

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