Kids Gift Guide 2023

Kids Gift Guide 2023

When you need to think of gift ideas in the moment, it’s always tough! I’ve compiled a list of all my favorite kids gift ideas from 5 years – 9 years (and a little beyond) to make it easy to shop. And as always, just reach out on Instagram if you have more questions about any of the items!

*I make a really tiny comission off these links (like, pennies, but it still makes a difference!). I’m always so grateful when you shop and purchase through my links and support Mini Voyager and my time making these guides.*

Kids Gift Ideas

1. Lego Friends Theater Set
For Lego-loving kids, there’s so many fun sets out there. This one is one of our favorites becuase it allows a lot of creative play after it’s built- kids love making up shows with the lego friends.

2. Starlight Projector
We have this in the kids’ rooms and it’s such a cool thing to turn on at night. I love that it has a timer too so it doesn’t stay on all night.

3. World’s Smallest Sorry
This game works just like the full-size one- It makes it so fun for on the road (or as a stocking stuffer)

4. Doll-size shopping cart
For kids who love American Girl, this shopping cart comes with so much fun mini food.

5. Electric scooter
This is a great option for an electric scooter for kids. Our 8 yr old is getting this for Christmas.

6. Spot it on the road game
We love bringing this game on the go. My kids love competing to run out of cards first.

7. Friendship bracelet loop kit
This friendship bracelet maker comes with a twist- you add the thread and twist it into different designs.

8. Beat Board
This is like Simon Says with a balance twist. You shift your weight in each corner to match the color pattern.

9. Microscope kit
If your kids are curious about the world around them, this is a really cool starter set.

10. Sew your own donut animal kit
This is such a fantastic kit that teaches kids basic sewing skills while making cute donut animals!

11. Play Nine Golf Game
This game is so fun and is an easy one for kids to learn and pick up on basic strategy skills at the same time.

12. Step-by-step drawing book
This book teaches kids how to draw tons of different things easily with lots of space for them to create.

13. Beach toy bakery set
We love this set- it packs up small and every kid loves making cupcakes and creations at the beach. This gives you the perfect accessories for it.

14. Toy Story Carnival Legos
We love this set- the kids make up lots of different carnival games with the set.

15. Science Experiment set
If kids who like science, and parents who like to make it easy, this kit has everything planned out and included for fun science experiments.

16. Beyblade Stadium
Comes with two beyblades and a stadium to battle each other.

17. Disney Princess Cookbook
For kids who love to cook, they’ll love baking things inspired by their favorite princesses.

18. Bike Basket
I love this as a bit more of a unique gift that kids will love to use on adventures.

19. Disco Ball
Make any room into a dance party.

20. Zip n’ Hit
This is a great hitting trainer for the baseball-loving kids.

21. Lego Bakeoff set
We love this set- kids can pretend to bake and compete in baking competitions.

22. Toy Vacuum
This helps vacuum up legos and other small toys in a fun way.

23. Laser tag vests (4 pack)
These would be such a fun gift for a family group gift. And it has great reviews.

24. 3D Maze Ball
This is a fun game for any age! Try and get the ball through the 100 different obstacles.

25. Mini Barbie Dreamhouse
This tiny house comes with a mini barbie and a set of stickers to customize the house any way you want.

26. Lego Megaladon racer
This car is so fun becuase kids actually get to build a motor in their car and it races forward. If you want a unique lego set, this is it.

27. Charm bracelet maker
This was such a fun set when my daughter got it. You get to make your own charms and attach them on to bracelets.

28. Potion Making kit
Craft your own potions with all of the different ingredients.

29. Instax mini polaroid camera
My daughter has this and it is still one of her favorite things.

30. Swurfer swing
This stasnd up swing attaches to a tree branch and lets kids feel like they are surfing as it swings back and forth.



Gemstone Dig Kit
This is the coolest set. Kids get to uncover tons of different getstones. They get so excited when they find another one!

Glow in the dark coloring
We brought this camping and the kids loved it! The markers make the picture glow in the dark.

Fingerprint activity book
This is one of the most popular items on our website! Kids get to stamp their fingerprint and create fun, creative drawings out of them.

Mini pottery wheel set
I love this one as much as the kids. Use the electric pottery wheel to shape and carve a piece of mini pottery using the guide, then paint it.

Straw building set
This is fun for all ages (even the adults loved helping the kids with it). The straws are easy for the kids to connect on their own and you can build giant structures with it.

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