Small gifts and stocking stuffers guide

Small gifts and stocking stuffers guide

When you need to think of gift ideas in the moment, it’s always tough! I’ve compiled a list of all my favorite small gift ideas from baby to big kid, and stocking stuffers we’ve used for the kids to make it easy. And as always, just reach out on Instagram if you have more questions about any of the items!

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Small Gifts and Stocking Stuffers I love

1. Dig-a-gem cubes
Each block hides a fun gem for kids to chip away at until they uncover it. These are great to split between kids.

2. Motion activated toilet bowl light
For the kids who still use the bthroom at night, this fun light is a great way to not have to turn on bright bathroom lights at night.

3. Razor slim card deck
This is a fun take on regular playing cards, and makes it easy for younger hands to hold more cards.

4. Pocket Size Driven Car Set
These tiny cars are my toddler’s absolute favorite.

5. Finger puppets
These are the cutest thing to add to a baby’s stocking. And it’s a fun way to interact with you little ones.

6. Road Tape
Pair this with any car and turn any surface into a fun roadway.

7. Twisty Pets Bracelet
These bracelets unclip and turn into tiny animals. So fun!

8. Baseball Cards
For all those baseball-loving kids, these are a great gift.

9. Lego surprise minifigures
Each Lego figure is wrapped up so it’s a fun little surprise for kids to open.

10. Never Bored on the go Puzzle Cards
This pack comes with tons of individual cards and a wipe clean pen with games, puzzles, and brain-teasers. Great for kids 8-12.

11. Daisy chain beads
The beads link together without string or scissors needed. Kids can make tons of cute bracelets, necklaces, daisy crowns, and more.

12. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza card game
Don’t be the last to slap the pile when you get a match! Great for ages 5 and up.

13. Gummy Bear Crayon
Stacking crayons in the cutest gummy bear shapes make such a fun gift paired with a notebook!

14. Rainbow colored blank books
For kids who love to draw and make up stories, these thin little books are perfect.

15. Mini Candyland
This is a full working version of the game everyone loves, in a perfect to-go size.

16. LOL Surprise fluffy stuffie
These little surprise animals are all the rage this season.

17. Mini Tape Measure
Kids love having this and will use it more often than you’d think.

18. Stick on earrings
These are so fun for dress up.

19. Glow in the dark stars
I like that these stars are white so they won’t be obvious on the ceiling during the day.

20. Fun toothpaste or toothbrush
Getting something new that makes them excited for their bedtime routine is so fun.

21. Color changing cups
Add liquid and they change color. It’s a fun way to get kids to drink more water.

22. Bathtub paint set
This paint set is a fun, washable way to change up bath time with easy clean up.

23. Lunchbox Notes
Fun little notes and jokes to add to kids lunchboxes. My kids always ask to include these in their lunches.

24. Kids Joke Book
There’s lots of different joke books that are geared for each specific age and are so fun for kids to read.

25. Colorful bike lights
Add these lights to bike wheels for fun rides at night.

26. Scented putty
There’s so many fun types of putty from this brand. I love giving them as gifts.

27. Barbie clothes
This is such a fun set of clothes for Barbies. They’re so fancy and such a great price.

28. Band aids
Every kid loves getting band aids- these ones have so many varieties and come in a cute tin.

29. Unicorn Snot Shimmer Sunscreen
Sunscreen with a little shimmer and a fun name!

30. Lego baseplate
Every kid who loves Legos can always use another surface for their creations.

31. Rainbow Glitter Watercolor markers
These color really rich and then spread into beautiful, sparkly watercolor pictures.

32. Finger Surfboard
This attaches to your finger then you can “surf” the wind out the window.

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