Toddler Gift Guide 2023

Toddler Gift Guide 2023

When you need to think of gift ideas in the moment, it’s always tough! I’ve compiled a list of all my favorite toddler gift ideas from 2 years – 4 years (and a little beyond) to make it easy to shop. And as always, just reach out on Instagram if you have more questions about any of the items!

*I make a really tiny comission off these links (like, pennies, but it still makes a difference!). I’m always so grateful when you shop and purchase through my links and support Mini Voyager and my time making these guides.*


Toddler Gift Ideas

1. Flower Garden play set
This is the most darling wooden, hand painted flower garden. Toddlers love to mix and match the flowers and build new gardens every time.

2. Zoo-Ominoes domino set
This is like a tiny rube goldberg domino set. Toddlers love setting up the animals and all the unique pieces that go with it.

3. Waffle Food Truck Car
This wooden car is just such a fun, imaginative toy for toddlers. Hint: there’s lots of other fun car styles like a cupcake truck, dumpling truck, race car, taxi, camper van, retro red car, and more on our website! (Click the a la carte tab)

4. Kinetic Sand Sensory Set
This set comes with so many different tools to shape, cut, and move the sand. This is such a popular set.

5. Paintbrush and water cleaner
This gives you fresh, clean water instead of having to constantly rinse dirty paint water. It’s awesome.

6. Cozy slippers
Slippers are a great gift toddlers will love to use.

7. Lego Disney Celebration Train
This has so many cute disney characters on it and it’s a great price.

8. Spider Man Chutes and Ladders
This is a fun take on the regular game.

9. Pull back helicopter track book
This book has 4 different tracks in it that toddlers can put the helicopter on and watch it go!

10. Turtle shell wobble seat
These seats are so fun to sit in , spin around in, and flip over and climb on.

11. Sensory activity table
I love that this table is sectioned off into 4 different parts so you can add sand, water, water beads, etc.

12. Spooner board
Toddlers are at an age where they’re so interested in balancing on things- this is a great toy to sit, stand and spin on.

13. Bunny play set
Comes with two little bunnies, their house, and a radish and carrot to feed them. It’s great for imaginary play. (Hint: we have a puppy and kitten play set on our website too in the a la carte tab!)

14. Mini chainsaw
For toddlers who love to help out like what they see around the house, this is a fun little building set.

15. Lego duplo airport
This is a fun set! Kids can let their imaginations free with lots of different stories or practice for an upcoming family trip.

16. Hot wheels car wash
Even after a year having this in my house, this is one of the most played with items.

17. Demo Duke
Pump up the car lever and then let it go- it crashes into things and then you can push the button to “repair” it and crash it again.

18. Play Doh Picnic set
My toddler constantly asks to play pretend with me with this set. It’s a really fun one to do together!

19. Sneaky Snacky Squirrel game
This is such a fun game and it helps kids work on their hand eye coordination too.

20. Cash register
This is one of the most popular toys in my house. It’s great for imaginative play.

21. Light Up Stomp Rocket
These stomp rockets glow in the dark and it’s an easy activity for toddlers to do- and it keeps them active running to get the rocket.

22. Scream saber
This light saber allows you to record your own voice and then play it back through a few fun autotune filters.

23. Monster Jam Megaladon RC
The car is mega-sized and the wheels make it easy to take over any terrain.

24. Little People Caring for Animals Farm Playset
Little People sets are one of the best gifts for toddlers. This farm one is darling.

25. Moon light
I love that kids can pick this light up and carry it as a night light if they need to go to the bathroom, or just to make their room cozy at night.

26. Magnatile marble run
I love this toy and how creative it lets kids be. You can build tons of different tracks for hours of fun.

27. Stacking rock blocks
This is a great way for toddlers to practice hand-eye coordination inn a bright, colorful way.

28. Memory match
Toddler age is a great time to start introducing memory games like this!

29. Over the door basketball hoop
Toddlers and big kids alike love having this over their door or mounted up in their room.

30. Play Doh hair salon
We have loved this toy! You can make so many fun ahir styles and then cut, shave, or style the hair.

31. Tickle Monster Book
This is a fun book to read with kids about a monster who comes to tickle everyone. It always ends in giggles.

32. Domino Line Up Train
This is such a fun toy- load the dominoes in the train and it will set them up for you!

33. Soggy Doggy game
Race around the board and turn the faucet to give the dog a bath, but don’t get caught with the dog shaking or you’ll go back to the start!

34. Thomas the Train Glow in the Dark track
We have this set and love it. The track is easy for kids to build, and it’s so fun to watch it glow when you turn the lights off (the train makes the track glow!)



Hot Wheels Cyclone Track
This is one of the most popular items in my house. Kids get to feed cars into the track and it launches them up and around the cyclone. If you put more than one in, they potentially crash into each other which the kids love.

Foam Sword (take apart and build)
This brand has the coolest foam toy swords. You can mix and match them to create your own sword. They don’t hurt either!

DRIVEN Mini Track Set
My 4 yr old loves this so much. It’s a little mini track that folds up to make to easy to take on the go, and comes with mini cars to drive through the track.

Larger DRIVEN Track with Fire station
This is another driven track we love that comes with a fire station, construction site, and police station.

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