Travel-friendly Stocking Stuffers

Travel-friendly Stocking Stuffers

Looking for stocking stuffer ideas that can double as travel toys? Make everything in their stockings something they can use on the trip home from the holidays! I’ve compiled a list of all my favorite stocking stuffers from our website that I recommend to make it easy. And as always, just reach out on Instagram if you have more questions about any of the items!

*I make a really tiny comission off these links (like, pennies, but it still makes a difference!). I’m always so grateful when you shop and purchase through my links and support Mini Voyager and my time making these guides.*

Travel-friendly stocking stuffers

1. Baby phone
Babies love haivng something that looks like what their parents have. But this version is way more fun.

2. Pop n’ play
The best baby sensory fidget.

3. Mini Operation
The best part of this mini game is that all the pieces are attatched so your child won’t lose any.

4. Plus plus tube
We love these building block sets for on the go

5. Mini Slinky Dog
The perfect way to bring imaginative play on the go!

6. Stretchy Noodles
These are a great way for kids to get fidgety energy out when they’re in small spaces. Both babies and kids love them!

7. Daisy chain beads
These are the best to bring on the go. Kids can make necklaces and bracelets without any string or scissors.

8. ABC cards
We love bringing these ABC cards for little babies and toddlers just working on their vocabulary.

9. Pom pom tub
This item is a must for babies. It’s so simple but keeps them so occupied as they try to push the pom poms through the hole.

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