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4-7y Jetsetter Travel Kit

4-7y Jetsetter Travel Kit

BUILD-YOUR-OWN KIT below and customize it for your child’s interests.

These bags are fantastic for ages 4-7 because they give kids an option for screen-free entertainment. All of the items in this kit keep them creatively engaged, which can be such a treat compared to watching a screen. These kits are perfect for cars, airplanes, as kids' travel bags, or to take on the go day-to-day. We love how versatile they are!

Build-Your-Own Travel Kit

Here’s how it works: Select a kit size and age range. Then, you’ll be walked through building the kit, choosing items to create a customized bag your child will love!

Packing and planning entertainment for your kids on the go can be tough and time-consuming. These customized kits have activities and toys that spark creativity and hold their interest independently.

Travel kits are perfect for airplanes, road trips, hotel or Airbnb activity bags, activity bags for quiet time, and more.

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