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Costa Rica Travel Guide

Costa Rica Travel Guide

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Download our itinerary for a 7-day trip, along with tips about the places we visited, things we learned along the way, and more.

The info in here works great for lots of different types of groups. For this trip we were a family of 6 with 4 kids under age 7. We traveled in a group of 12, with a family that has teenagers too, so the recs in here work great for older kids and large groups as well.


  • a 7-day itinerary going all over Costa Rica
  • Things we learned along the way that I wish I knew before the trip
  • A packing list for this trip with links to the products we used and loved
  • Links to the tours we did
  • Tons of recommendations for food, tours, places to visit, and more


This guide is a lot of info all in one place! It’s perfect for those who don’t want to spend time researching a ton, and who want another parent’s perspective who traveled there with 4 kids.

Note: this is a digital download

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