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Cupcake Truck Candycar

Cupcake Truck Candycar

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If you child loves to play pretend, this truck is perfect for creating lots of fun stories. We’re getting hungry just thinking about this delicious Cupcake Truck. Candylab’s DNA combines a deep love for vintage cars, a simplistic approach to design, and extensive use of natural materials.

Candycars are a cute and tiny line! These are 3" - 5" wooden diecasts. Small enough for a 3 year old to get a good grip on.

Sizing from smallest to largest:
Food Trucks & Vans - 3.25" | 8.2 cm
Sedans & Wagons - 3.5" | 8.9 cm
RV's Olympic Style - 4" | 10.1 cm
School Bus - 5.25" | 13.3 cm
Banana - 6" | 15.2 cm

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