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Oahu Travel Guide

Oahu Travel Guide

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We love Oahu! Our kids have been so much they consider it their second home. It’s such a fantastic place to bring the family for a vacation, but it can be incredibly overwhelming trying to plan it yourself. We’ve compiled a fantastic list of resources for families to use when they travel to Oahu to help you feel more prepared for any type of adventure you feel up for.


  • Favorite beaches, best beaches for little kids, what the swimming situation is like at each beach, what to bring, parking, etc.
  • Different hikes and how kid-friendly they are and what the terrain is like for each hike
  • No travel guide would be complete without some great food recommendations!
  • A “must-see for your first time visiting” list with short descriptions of some notable places around the island and favorite spots to visit.
  • Shows and luau recommendations around the island
  • Some of our favorite day-trip adventures that we’ve been on, how to do them and get there, and how to do handle them with kids.
  • A full 5-day trip itinerary of plans and what we would do each day around each area of the island to get a full trip expereince. 
  • A link to a google map with every single place bookmarked and mapped out. 

This guide is a lot of info all in one place! It’s perfect for those who don’t want to spend time researching a ton, and who want another parent’s perspective who traveled there with 4 kids.

Note: this is a digital download

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