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Quick-buy Jetsetter™ Travel Kit 3-5yr

Quick-buy Jetsetter™ Travel Kit 3-5yr

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Products included in this bundle:

Jumbo Lacing Travel Beads

Morphing Fidget Spinner

Bubble Popper

Twisty Sticks

Gone Fishin'

Stretchy Noodles

Suction Stackers – 6 pack

Chopsticks and Pom Poms

Canvas Backpack

Kids ages 3-5 years old are always active and on the move, and traveling with them can be exhausting. But we’ve got you covered!

This kit is pre-built with some of the most popular items on our site to keep toddler travelers engaged and entertained, no matter where you are. It's perfect for cars, airplanes, as kids travel bags, or to take on the go day-to-day.

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