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Quick-buy Jetsetter™ Travel Kit 4-7yr

Quick-buy Jetsetter™ Travel Kit 4-7yr

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Products included in this bundle:

Magnetic Memory Match

World's Smallest Operation

Bounce back ball

Erasable Drawing Tablet

Rainbow Scratch Art Paper

Suction Stackers – 6 pack

Squishies (2 pack)

Mini Block Sets

Canvas Backpack

These bags are fantastic for ages 4-7 because they give kids an option for screen-free entertainment.

This Travel Kit is pre-build and packed with the most popular items from our site for this age. All of the items in this kit keep them creatively engaged, which can be such a treat compared to watching a screen. These kits are perfect for cars, airplanes, as kids' travel bags, or to take on the go day-to-day. We love how versatile they are!

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