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Red Racer #5 Wood Car

Red Racer #5 Wood Car

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This little red race car is the perfect size to bring on any outing. It’s so fun for imaginative play.

Part of our Candycar line, this car is super cute and sustainably made. We like to call this one the Red Racer- Smoking tires all day long, and chasing speed at the track. These cars are small enough to bring everywhere and use in lots of imagination play.

Candycars are a cute and tiny line! These are 3" - 5" wooden diecasts. Small enough for a 3 year old to get a good grip on.

Sizing from smallest to largest:
Food Trucks & Vans - 3.25" | 8.2 cm
Sedans & Wagons - 3.5" | 8.9 cm
RV's Olympic Style - 4" | 10.1 cm
School Bus - 5.25" | 13.3 cm
Banana - 6" | 15.2 cm

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